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750m Swim


swim routeThe swim takes place in the river Thames, starting from the jetty at Ferry Lane. Competitors will swim upstream towards the railway bridge and back downstream again, returning to Ferry Lane.

There will then be a short run back to Transition 1.

Although it is a relatively straightforward swim by open water standards, beginners please note that you’ll be using a wetsuit and swimming in open water, so practice is essential. If you would like to swim the course beforehand there are regular groups going out from Ferry Lane. See our Facebook page for more details and get in touch!

20km Cycle


bike routeA short run back to transition and the bike ride will then take riders out of the village down to the A4 and then along and up to Burchetts Green. The route then tacks back towards Henley and up Remenham Hill before descending Kentons Lane and returning to Mill Green.

The cycle course is undulating and will require a fully roadworthy bike and helmet. Cycle safety is paramount when taking part in an event of this kind. Whilst you can use a mountain bike, we’d strongly recommend using a road, hybrid or triathlon/TT bike – it will make your experience so much easier and better as you switch through the gears.

5km Run


The run is formed of two 2.5km loops on a mix of concrete/tarmac and off-road. From T2, the run exits Mill Green, turning left up Station Road.  The course then turns right, onto the A321, leaving the village. There is a short, coned section of road to run along before joining the path alongside the road. After about 400m, the course turns onto a minor road on the right. Follow this road until a turnaround, coming back to a single track path for about 400m. Please watch your footing on tree roots, etc.

At the end of this path, you’re back at Station Road and close to T2. Turn left down Station Road, following the course to a second turnaround point at the station car park. From here, follow the road back towards T2. When ending your first lap, continue straight on to the A321 and repeat the course. When ending your second and final lap, keep left and turn into Mill Green, where you’ll see the finish area.